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Natural pregnancy care is best started before you become pregnant. Daily consumption of one to two cups of a red clover, red raspberry and nettle tea, not only helps promote fertility, but also tones and strengthens the uterus thereby shortening the time you are in labor. This particular mixture of herbs provides a high calcium and protein content for the entire body.

After pregnancy has been established, you may continue to drink the mixture made with equal parts of the herbs and add to it an equal part of peppermint and alfalfa. Peppermint and red raspberry together help stave off morning sickness while alfalfa cleanses the bloodstream. Ginger root is also very effective for stomach queasiness. Your mother kept ginger ale on hand for the same reason.

Constipation is often present early in your pregnancy due to the intestinal tract slowing down and being pushed up and out of the way for your growing baby. Plenty of water and fiber are important to keep things moving as this malady can make you quite uncomfortable. Try eating prunes or raisins regularly. I would especially advise eating prunes immediately after delivery as your intestines may be a bit blocked up due to the excessive pushing of labor. The last thing you want to do when you finally get to the bathroom is strain yourself and cause hemorraging or hemorrhoids.

Fluid retention can be especially troublesome and your doctor will probably keep a close eye on your legs and ankles for signs of swelling. Should your ankles swell up to the size of baseballs, you need to get off your feet immediately and drink 2 to 3 cups of dandelion and alfalfa tea. Dandelion rids the body of excessive fluid and cleanses the liver, as does alfalfa. Your ankles should return to a relatively normal size in a few hours. Dandelion also prevents jaundice in the baby when it is born. Most all babies are born jaundiced, which means their liver just isn't functioning well yet. If you drink a dandelion and alfalfa mixture everyday during the last two months of your pregnancy, your baby will be born without jaundice. Why not surprise your pediatrician? Plenty of moms have.

Heartburn seems to be something that either plagues you throughout your pregnancy or you never get it at all. A quick and easy fix is slippery elm throat lozenges, avaiable in most health food stores. Carrying a packet of raw almonds for a quick snack also seems to help. And don't forget to lower your coffee consumption. Coffee contains many acids which can aggravate heartburn symptoms.

Pre-eclampsia or toxemia can be one of the most frightening conditions to occur in your pregnancy. This condition usually occurs late in your term and can cause liver damage and even death. A great reason to drink the dandelion mixture, no? This is an important time to listen to your doctor when he says, "stay off your feet." Keep your intake of protein high, add light salt to your meals as it will not cause an increase in the likelihood of pre-eclampsia, but rather have the opposite effect of bringing it on. Make sure you are getting enough calcium and potassium as well.

Above all, listen to your body and affirm to yourself every day, "I trust the process." Trust yourself and trust your baby to do what is best for you. Women have been having babies for thousands of years, safely, naturally. Read as much as you can to make informed choices and help your doctor or midwife help you deliver a healthy baby.