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You're pregnant! This is a wonderful time in your life. There is no need to worry unnecessarily, but there is a need to be informed on the top ten danger signals during pregnancy. Chances are, your pregnancy will be happy, healthy, and normal. If you notice any of the following signs, however, please contact your physician.

1. Abdominal Pain- Always report severe abdominal pain to your doctor. You may be miscarrying, having an appendicitis attack, or suffering from a gall bladder attack.

2. Bleeding- Report any bloody vaginal discharge to your physician. Again, this can be a sign of threatened miscarriage.

3. Painful, frequent urination- This indicates a bladder or urinary tract infection. Report this immediately to your physician to receive the appropriate treatment.

4. High Fever- A high fever in the mother can do severe damage, or even destroy a fetus. Get help immediately, if you have a fever over 100F degrees.

5. Bodily Swelling- Swollen ankles, feet, hands, arms, wrists, etc. This is an indication of toxemia. Report it to your physician immediately!

6. Frequent Vomiting- If you are losing weight, and vomiting repeatedly, talk to your physician. You may become dehydrated and require hospitalization.

7. Reduced Urination- If you stop urinating, and develop an extreme thirst, you may be diabetic. Have your physician check this out.

8. Headaches- If these are constant and severe, please report them to your doctor. This can be a sign of toxemia.

9. Sudden gush of fluid from vagina - If this occurs early in pregnancy, seek help immediately. This is a sign that your water has broken and that the baby is on its way.

10. Dizziness, Blurred Vision- These are symptoms of toxemia. Contact your physician asap.