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If you've never given birth before, the pregnancy process can be rewarding, painful, joyous and exciting. But the facts are that the biggest thing you can expect will happen during a pregnancy is the unexpected. During the nine months you are pregnant, you will have ups and downs in your physical condition and health like you've never experienced before.

You may have to change your diet. If you don't eat a balanced diet now, you'll soon find another reason to start. During pregnancy your doctor will tell you to eat certain foods and certain beverages in order for the baby to turn out in the best possible way.
Be ready for anything to happen. Good things will happen during your pregnancy and bad things will happen. Be ready for both. There may be days at a time in which your doctor will tell you you need to spend all day in bed. You likely will miss some work days during your pregnancy.
Be ready for the possibility that your baby will be born unhealthy. Many babies are born with chromosomal problems, such as Down's Syndrome. While this happens more frequently when the mother is older than 40 years old, it's not unheard of happening with younger mothers.
Do some research on pregnancy. Doctors say that many women who become pregnant have no idea what to expect from a pregnancy. You want to research what people in your particular situation and body type and health condition can expect during a pregnancy.
Be ready for a lot of doctor's visits. Know which trips to your doctor's office your health care service provider will cover and which ones they won't. You'll likely have frequent medical visits and check ups in order for the doctor to make sure your pregnancy progresses properly.
Be ready for morning sickness. This is a condition you will likely experience in the mornings. The symptoms are exhaustion, vomiting and fever.
When your nine-month time frame is almost up, be ready to go into labor at any point. You don't know when it will happen. There really is no way of completely predicting the exact time when your water will break and you'll need to go to the hospital for delivery. The next thing you know, you'll be a proud new parent.