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Some common discomforts during pregnancy are morning sickness, heartburn, constipation and leg swelling. To reduce and relieve these symptoms, it is necessary to make modifications in your diet.

Morning Sickness.
This occurs in early pregnancy. The name is misleading as this nausea can occur at any time of the day. Physical fatigue can worsen the problem. Keep a biscuit box handy at your bedside table. Nibble a biscuit every morning after awakening and before getting out of bed. For the rest of the day,eat small portions of food at a time. Avoid spicy and oily food and other foods which make you nauseous.

Food and stomach acid is regurgitated due to a relaxed valve. You'll feel as if your chest is burning and you'll get the sour taste of acidified food. Relief is almost the same as for morning sickness. In addition, eat slowly and avoid lying down after a meal. Don't take strong drinks like coffee and tea. Sip some water or milk to quell the sour taste. Before bedtime, take a warm beverage. Use an extra pillow to discourage regurgitated food reaching your mouth again.

Digestion is slower and hence there's constipation. For relief, drink more water, juices and other healthy fluids. Avoid tea, which is a diuretric. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains to provide roughage for your bowel movement. Do mild exercise regularly. Prunes are among the best for providing roughage. Consult a doctor if you need laxatives.

Leg swelling.
This is due to the temporary retention of blood in the legs from the pressure of the womb. It's time to reduce your salt intake. Whenever possible, always rest with your feet up. Wear elastic stockings to improve blood circulation. Inform your doctor who's monitoring your pregnancy. Severe swelling may be a dangerous signal of other medical conditions.

In all cases, please refrain from self-medication as some drugs are liable to cause serious birth defects. Always consult your doctor.