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The day we found out that my wife was pregnant is one of the most vivid in my well as our first ultrasound, baby's first movement, delivery and carrying my beautiful baby girl to the nursery. Holding her in my arms that day in January everything else seemed to fade from view and all I knew and felt was for this precious little girl that I helped make.

So, it's easy to forget the man in all of this. He's there for support, to make late night runs for barrel's of chocolate and orange juice. After all he's not the one who's waist is expanding and he isn't the one who has to go through all of this, right? Wrong. I went through every little thing that my wife went through, though not as much.

I was very happy about the coming baby, but very scared as to all it would entail. While my wife was contemplating colors for the nursery I was busy worrying whether both she and our unborn child would even make it through this ordeal. And if I would even be a good daddy once all was said and done. I was scared everytime my wife had a pain, frightened when we went to the doctor, fearing what she would say next. I was scared and just as anxious as my wife.

As well, I was very excited when something new happened with our baby. I cried when I first saw her on that ultrasound, I was in awe when I felt her tiny little legs kicking vigorously, and a little confused when the doctor talked all that jargon that didn't mean a thing to me. While my wife read "What to expect when you're expecting", I read it too and studied it like it was the Bible. After all, this book told me what was going to happen next.

And though I did not have to push during delivery nor feel any pain, save my poor fingers, I was there, holding my wife's hand and lovingly stroking her sweaty brow, praying that everything would be alright. I may be a man, and I may not have fully went through everything that my wife did, but I resent when people say the father doesn't have to go through anything during pregnancy. I was just as glad as my wife when it was over and we were finally holding our beautiful baby girl.