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Breastfeeding a newborn is a challenging yet rewarding adventure. The first thing to understand is nursing may be uncomfortable when you first begin, but never should cause extreme pain. If this occurs something is wrong. In my own experience, I have found, when pain occurs it is usually due to baby latching on improperly. If this occurs never break the suction by pulling baby off the breast. Instead gently insert finger toward babies bottom lip to break the suction. There will also be a period of engorgement. This happens a couple days after birth. Engorgement is inevitable, whether or not mom breastfeeds. There is however a few ways to lessen the pain. First, nurse baby as soon as possible after birth, and as often as baby will allow. This will bring the appropriate milk flow that is needed. Next, if baby has a hard time getting latched on or if pain occurs, place a warm compress on breast. And, if needed, pump a little to get the breast soft for your baby to grasp on to. Lastly, relax while nursing. This is really important. Use plenty of pillows; lay down, if needed, whatever it takes to get comfortable. Tension can cause a perfectly fine milk flow to stop. Thus, leading to more engorgement.
It is important to remember that this is all over in a matter of days. The bond it earns between your baby and you last a lifetime.