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Women do not like to gain weight. I believe it is a proven fact. So, the nine months of pregnancy, while a joyful time, is also a time of great depression, when on the scales!

Some women easily shed the pounds after the birth of their child, while some women can't seem to shake those added pounds, despite frequent dieting and weight-loss programs.

During the previous nine months your body was more than likely depleted of needed vitamins and nutrients that it needed to stay healthy. In order to get healthy, and lose weight, the first step is to get yourself eating healthy.

For most women, this translates as eating nothing, but that isn't what that means. Eat proper, nutritional food that adds to your body instead of sugary, high-carb food that doesn't add any needed items to your body. When you have the urge to splurge, do so, but do it as healthily as possible. (Recent studies have proven that if you give in to the urge to splurge every now and then it is actually beneficial to your body!)

Exercise is the key to sucess. With a newborn it is hard to find the energy to exercise, let alone get all the rest you need, so you find that you don't exercise at all. I warn against this. It will only make your recovery harder. Instead of scheduling grueling workouts away from baby, why not adjust your schedule with your baby so that your free time away from your baby isn't spent doing something you despise? My husband and I got into the habit of walking in the late evening. We found that it was reasonably cooler then added bonus was that our daughter always fell asleep while being pushed in her stroller! We killed two birds with one stone and found that our free time while she was asleep could be spent doing something we enjoyed!

Of course, walking isn't that only exercise that your body needs to tone up those loose muscles and flabby legs. I started using eight-pound weights while feeding my daughter. I would use one arm at a time, doing various exercises, then alternate arms every few minutes, giving myself a great work-out while she was eating! I also started doing sit-ups...with my daughter. She found it hilarious to lay on the floor beside me while I worked out. I must say she had more fun than me! I also did leg exercises while holding her, which also increased my arm strength at the same time!

It all sounds so easy, but believe me, it's really not. You have to find the pattern that is right for you and works well with your child. This is what worked for me and my family. The key to sucess is not to give up on yourself. No one expects you to be a model two weeks after giving birth. It does take a little time. So, start off easy and work with your schedule until you have it right for you.