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How likely is it that you’ll have to deliver your own baby? Not very, you think? Well, think again. The incidence of baby arriving before Mom gets to the hospital check-in are on the rise. While still relatively small, there is the chance that it could happen to you. So, you’d better be prepared. But, how do you know if baby is ready to make his appearance. Here are some clues:
(1) Mom’s contractions are less than 2 minutes apart.
(2) Mom has a great urge to have a bowel movement.
(3) Baby’s head is visible between contractions
(4) Mom’s water breaks

So, what to do if one or – God forbid – all of these things are going on? Well, here’s an 8 point plan that will turn you into an emergency delivery hero:
(1) If you can get to a phone use it to call an ambulance
(2) Wash your hands. Set your partner up against a wall with her knees up. Wash her vagina. Place a clean towel under her posterior.
(3) Encourage your partner to push with each contraction and to relax between contractions.
(4) When the baby’s head appears tell your partner to stop pushing and to start panting. Never, however, pull the head. Rather, hold it gently.
(5) With the head out, maneouver it gently downwards until the shoulders appear. From here baby will slip out quite easily.
(6) Hold baby face down with her head lower than her feet to allow any remaining fluids to drain from her lungs and airways. Wrap baby in a blanket and place her on mom’s tummy.
(7) Don’t do anything with the umbilical cord. The experts can handle that later.
(8) Once the placenta is out, keep it, attached, in a bowl of water or a bag.

And that’s all there is to it. Calmly and confidently work through the steps above and you’ll be the proud owner of a self delivered new family member.