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Very few people plan on having a c-section. The ones that are planned are usually due to the baby being breech or perhaps a repeat c-section being done. C-sections that are unplanned are usually done because the baby is is in distress or perhaps the baby simply can't pass through the vagina into the world. A c-section is considered major abdominal surgery. Total recovery time can take up to 6 months, although by 6 weeks, most physical healing from the incision is complete.

The key to speedy recovery is rest. Nap when the baby naps. Don't worry about housework. It's hard enough adjusting to a new baby in the house. Rest means a less stressed out mother. If possible, have someone in the house to help you for the first couple of weeks. That way, your focus can be on your baby and getting rest.

Moderate excercise is also important for a speedy recovery. You won't be able to bend over or stretch very easily, not for several weeks. But, walking is wonderful exercise for the recovering mother. If the weather is nice, put the baby in the stroller and go for a nice walk. It stimulates circulation, which encourages healing. This is why they get you up and out of bed within hours of a c-section birth these days, instead of keeping you in bed for several days. Moving around gets all of your systems functioning properly, encouraging fast healing. Once you have had your 6 week checkup and the doctor has given you the green light, you can begin to resume your normal excercise routine. But for now, walking is the best exercise you can do.

Another thing that can help with healing is how your inscision is closed. This is done one of two ways: with staples or with dissolvable stitches. With staples, you have a rougher time at first. Moving around with staples can be uncomfortable. They have been known to pinch and poke. The good news is they are usually removed after several days. Then, it is much easier to move. With dissolvable stitches, you can move around easily from the beginning.

Just because you have a c-section does not mean that you can't breastfeed, either. Breastfeeding is a terrific way to encourage healing. It is relaxing to the mother and baby, both, and helps in the bonding process, as well. It also increases circulation, which really helps to speed up healing. Breastfeeding also helps your body get back into shape must faster. It encourages the uterus to get back into shape faster, as well. Breastfeeding is a wonderful thing for the body, both physically and mentally.

It is possible to recover from a c-section birth. The important thing is to not try to rush recovery, but to let nature work as it's meant to work. You can hasten recovery by rest and exercise, but overdoing these can lead to more harm than good. Breastfeeding helps in the healing process as well. And, the good news is that in today's world, the old adage, "once a c-section, always a c-section," simply isn't true, anymore.