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Many women have to go back to work after having a baby. They have no choice. But they can still breastfeed if they want to. Breastfeeding and working takes commitment and planning, but it is well worth it.

Most maternity leaves are about six weeks long. This is important because it takes about six weeks to build up your milk supply and establish good breastfeeding habits. Your body will also have recovered from childbirth by that time.

When preparing to return to work, you will need to purchase a breast pump, storage bags and bottles. It is best to pump your milk in the morning when you probably have an abundant supply. Collect and store the breast milk in the bottles or bags in the freezer. Write the date on them and use the oldest milk first.

You will need to pump your breasts at work when you get that "too full" feeling. After about a week or so, your breasts will adjust and you won't become engorged at work.

Your work day schedule will probably look like this:

1. Get up early to allow plenty of time to nurse and pump extra milk for day care
2. Pack up milk for day care
3. Pump on your breaks/lunch or go to your baby
4. Pick up baby after work and nurse
5. Nurse throughout the night

Even if you cannot continue to breastfeed when you return to work, make the effort to try. By nursing for the first few months (or even six weeks) you are giving your baby the best possible start on life!