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When it comes to deciding what to feed your newborn, breastmilk or formula, the decision is difficult. You naturally want what is best for your baby to keep them healthy and happy. What you give to your baby during his or her first nutritional year clearly influences their future health and well-being. Although the decision is up to you, most doctors agree that breastmilk is best.

Breastmilk should be the primary source of nutrition for your newborn during their first year of life. It is nature’s perfect food for babies. It is a complete food with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients that are important for your baby. It is also the easiest for your baby’s system to digest.

There are many advantages to breastfeeding:
- breastmilk is tailored to your baby’s needs
- it helps avoid early food allergies
- it boosts your baby’s immune system to
help fight common childhood diseases
- it reduces the amount of ear infections
and diarrhea

There are many other reasons to breastfeed. It is less expensive than buying formula and it is more convenient than heating bottles. You can feed anytime without having to worry about packing enough formula. Mothers often feel they bond better with their babies while breastfeeding because feeding time is exclusively theirs.

Many women feel that bottle-feeding formula is the best way for them. They find it more convenient because they can accept help from others during feeding time. Also, many mothers return to work and do not want to have to pump breastmilk. There are many forms of formula also. Some are ready-to-feed with no mixing, concentrated forms just need water and powder forms just need water and last a long time.

Whatever you decide to feed your baby, try to breastfeed as long as you can, even if you supplement with formula. Your baby gets a head start in life from the amount of breastmilk they receive.