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Since the beginning of time mothers have breastfed their babies. At first it was necessary, then it became habit, then it was because it was 'best.' The introduction of formula and bottles has started a new debate that will undoubtedly last until the end of time.

Breast or bottle? Which is best? Of course, we have all heard the phrase "breast is best" and we assume that it is. However, there are certain aspects that do need to be carefully considered before making your decision. This is a life-effecting decision and should not be taken lightly.


Without a doubt breastfeeding IS the best form of nutrition and supplements for your child. Not only do they get wholesome milk, but they get their entire immunity from the mother that helps fight diseases that newborns are susceptible to, as well as common colds and viruses.

Nutrition and immunities aside, it is also the easiest form of feeding available for you baby. No bottles to fix or clean, no expensive formula to buy, just a ready-to-eat breast that mother supplies.

Breastfeeding also provides a closeness between mother and baby that is satisfactory to both.


While it is true that breast milk provides the best form of nutrition for you baby, it isn't true that formula is not a good source as well. Though, it will not supply the immunity, you can feel certain that you child is getting adequate nutrition. Also, most babies have a fairly good immune system supplied from being in the womb that can last until your child is six months of age.

Bottles are not as easy as the breast, but they are more versatile. You can feed your child anywhere without fear of being rude or exposed. Also, it isn't quite as taxing on the mother, who can allow someone else to feed the child while she rests.

Also, both mother and child can still have the closeness while using a bottle that is the same as breastfeeding.

What aspects should you consider?

#1 Which do you WANT to do? Don't feel pressured to breastfeed or bottle feed just because everyone else is. Do what you feel is best for you and your child.

#2 Which can you better afford? While this seems a little silly, it is not. Babies are a huge expense. If you cannot afford supplying formula, then maybe you should breastfeed.

Talk it over with your spouse, get his feelings on the subject. Also, read up on both aspects, but you need to remember that breastfeeding doesn't always agree with the mother or the child, for that matter. If you give it a try and find it isn't for you, don't feel guilty for switching to the bottle. Your child will be just as healthy.

Don't be pressured by someone who is not in your shoes. Your child will pick up on your behavior if you are grudgingly breastfeeding and every feeding is torture for you. Neither you nor your child will benefit from this. Make the decision for yourself, but make it an informed decision.