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Price Is Right: Gather ten baby items and display them on a poster board with a brief description of the product (brand, quantity in package, etc). Have guests write down the prices of those items and then a grand total. The winner is the person whose grand total is the closest without going over.

Waist Size Yarn: Have each guest cut a piece of yarn the length that she believes the expecting mother’s waist is. (Check with her ahead of time to make sure she doesn’t mind.) Then measure a piece of yarn to go around her waist. Compare the piece of yarn with the others that were cut. Whichever guest cuts her piece of yarn the closest in length is the winner.

Candy Guess: Fill a baby bottle with the expecting mother’s favorite candy (M&M’s, Skittles, etc.). Have the guests guess how many of the candies are in the bottle. The guest who come the closest wins.

Paper Plate Baby: Give each guest a paper plate and a pencil. Have them close their eyes and draw the best baby they can with their eyes closed. Have the expecting mother select the best one.

Mystery Box: Cut a hole in the top center of a large box. Fill the box with several baby items. Have each guest take a turn sticking her hand into the box to feel the items and write down as many as she can in one minute.

Baby Food Guess: Remove the label from several jars of baby food and have the guest guess what foods are in the jars.

Parents’ Names Games: Write both of the parents’ names on a poster board or on the top of copied sheets. Have the guests think of names for the baby using only the letters in the parents’ names. The winner is the guest who thinks of the most names that no one else thinks of.

Doll Diapering Relay: Divide the guests into two teams. Give each team a doll and a stack of diapers. Each team must send someone to a “changing table” to change the doll's diaper and then bring it back to the next person in line until the whole team has changed the doll's diaper.

Top Ten Name Game: Have each guest write down what she believes were the top ten baby names for the previous year. A guest scores one point for each name that is on the list and another point for each name that is the appropriate ranking.

Envelope Door Prize: Purchase a package of Thank You cards and have each guest fill out her name and address on one of the envelopes (as if it would be mailed to her). Before the end of the shower, have the expecting mother draw an envelope out of a bowl and give a door prize to the person whose name is on that envelope. Then give the expecting mother the stack of envelopes and the Thank You cards to send to the guests.