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Commitment is a big word. It involves serious consideration. Responsibilities are also attached to the big C. Men commit readily if its voluntary than otherwise. Men are committed sports fans because they want to.They can be committed into relationships if their egos are played up to.

Men are not simply "selfish". Its actually a genetic trait for men to think and act for himself only. It's tough for him to become sensitive to feminine concerns like commitment.

Men like to be in control. He may feel threatened by the responsibilities of a commitment. Or feel that the big C is a Chain, dragging a woman behind.Some of this is true.Traditional man is the sole breadwinner of the family. If he commits to marriage or co-habitant, his money and freedom are reduced if not demolished.

Get your guy to focus on the "us". Seek intimacy in other non-sexual areas. Share your thoughts whenever possible. Know that you are also have to play your cards correctly and not smoother him with your demands. Give each other space to grow into the relationship. You're leading him to the big C without forcing him into it.

Respect his needs for privacy. Guys will be guys. There will times he chooses his favorite hobby over the relationship. Give him the benefit of the doubt. He'll come running to you in due time. If you pick up a quarrel over his time commitments,this will sour the relationship. Similar to playing snakes and ladder, its a forceful retreat.

Communicate. If he listens and responds positively then he's good fodder for commitment.If he's still noncommittal, the consider dumping him.The heartbreak is worse the longer you are into a frustrating relationship.

A man may be committed but not vocalize this because its not a guy thing. Men suppress emotions because culture taught him that's it unmanly to do so. He takes you for granted.Try to change that. Play a game of playing each other compliments. When he's used to this then get him to voice his re-assuring love and commitment to you. Tell him how much you need him and appreciate to hear this.

If you've tried every womanly wile and the relationship is still a stalemate, then dump him. Consider this weeding. You'll bloom better without the weed.