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So you're dressed up for a night on the town. But the finishing touches are what makes an ordinary look transform into an extraordinary one. Whether you are going out the door in casual attire or a sporting a suit, accessories can give any man a more polished appearance.

WATCHES: Most people want accuracy, reliability, readability and comfort in a timepiece within a reasonable price range. There are dressy, sports watches which can be worn all day every day for business, casual, sports and dress purposes. Some watch companies promote the idea that it is possible to buy one watch that will suit all the needs of the user. But there are those who choose to have a multi-watch wardrobe.

· Dress Watches: Most often a dress watch is added to the owner's first watch as a specialty timepiece worn on special occasions. When making a purchase, there are several characteristics about watches which the buyer must balance when deciding which watch to buy like shape and size. Also consider how comfortable will the watch be to wear when making a purchasing decision.

· Sports Watches: This type is a choice by many consumers who are constantly on the go. Because of its versatility, a sports watch should be reliable, rugged as well as comfortable.

· Special Function Watches: This category has a lot more bells and whistles. There are watches with alarms, mystery dials, and power reserve indicators (or low battery indicators). But buyer beware: such features may clutter up a watch's design or make it too expensive or complicated for the user.

CUFF LINKS: Cuff links have regained popularity in the last few years and have given men a chance to have fun with their wardrobe. When shopping, there are the more traditional and then there are the more outrageous. If you are in an adventurous mood, maybe you would pick a pair of martini glasses or the Statue of Liberty.

According to Gene Klompus, president of the National Cuff Link Society, cufflinks are a great addition to any man's wardrobe because they are affordable, available, and easy to store.

BELTS: They are not just for holding up a pair of slacks but compliment an outfit as well. Always start off with the neutrals like brown and black and then add some.