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This article is for all men and their partners. When men and women reach the age of 40, they need to be prepared for male menopause. This is a phenomena which involves both the man and his sexual partner. Male menopause is not a myth. It exists to wreck havoc in lives of the ill-prepared.

Male menopause is actually coined to describe the physiological phenomena of gradual decreasing level of testosterone in aging men. It creeps up silently to invade your life. In contrast, women realize the onset of menopause by the sudden cessation of their menses.

Matters are complicated when male menopause coincides with "mid-life crisis". This crisis comes when a man has problems of psychological and social adjustment to changes in career, marriage, parenting, aging and fears of retirement. Mid-life crisis is a type of psychological male menopause. A man can cope by redefining his goals and thus handling the changes required. Seek professional help if necessary.

Some causes of physiological menopause are hormone deficiency, excess alcohol intake, medications which cause impotence, unbalanced diet, lack of exercise leading to poor blood circulation to the body's extremities. These problems bring stress which in turn affects a man's libido.

The first step towards coping is to prepare for the event. There is yet no preventive medicine for male menopause. The best way is be knowledgeable about it and prepare oneself for the psychological changes. These changes are stressful and drastic enough to cause biological changes like impotence.

Most middle aged men are unaware that age is catching up with them and are shocked at the onset of male menopause symptoms. Often, it is the sexual partner who sees the changes and realizes them as male menopause symptoms. Even if the man were to realize something amiss, he will not readily admit that he is aging. It is a basic psychological defense to deny that something uncontrollable is taking over our lives.

If he isn't open to seek help for his problems, his partner can encourage him to do so. Discussing it positively eliminates fears that his manhood is question because his libido is.

A way of playing down the role of sex in middle age is to shift the emphasis to other aspects of bonding like friendship, intimacy a sin understanding, spirituality and common hobbies. These are psychological changes to cope with the biological changes.

Its not just men who have to cope. The woman has to cope along with her man too. She needs to be understanding and patient enough to ride the wave of the crisis until stable ground is reached. She is the person who knows him best and his best helper too.

This is a confusing and upsetting phase in a man's life and he needs time to settle down to his new role. Reassure him from his anxieties and doubts. Physical intimacy isn't the long and short of it in a relationship. A great deal of tact and love is necessary to keep the relationship going.Pull through it together.

Sometimes the effects of male menopause can be alleviated by tackling some of the casual factors.Reduce the potency of casual factors by maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly to improve blood circulation, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol intake and consulting a doctor on avoiding medications that decreases sexual potency.Sometimes. the solution is only a medical check-up away.

Prolonged stress is one of the biggest enemies to good health and good sex. Forget about the bad stress and accept male menopause as another phase to pass.

Every man can actively help himself to cope by accepting aging as a fact and not take flight into obsessions with recapturing youth. Concentrate on the positives and look forward to life.

Renew your friendships. Explore other areas like sensitivity and sharing of thoughts.Let the intellectual side take over from the physical.

Find alternative pastimes or set new goals in life. Share the with your partner.She can be your pillar of strength and emotional support.

Take joy in your children. Spend time together. This is an unconscious effort to acclimatize yourself into accepting your middle age when you look at your grown kids.

Don't be ,a pressure cooker of pent-up emotions and other negatives.S ilent fears speak loudest. Join a  support group.Y ou'll feel better to know that others are also fighting the common enemy.

Consult your doctor on using Testosterone Replacement Therapy. This is the latest Hormone Replacement Therapy. The side effects are developing a larger prostrate and heart disease. A high level of testosterone also causes water retention, hypertension or heart failure.Is your sex life worth taking all these risks?

Coping with male menopause involves early diagnosis, self- adjustment, understanding partner and handling of other mid-life issues. Preparation and knowledge will make this a smoother transition.