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Grandfathers are, traditionally, not an easy group to buy presents for. But with a little foresight the perfect gift can either be found or made, something he will appreciate for a very long time to come.

Does granddad smoke? A lot of the older generation still enjoys a good cigar so why not visit your local tobacconist for some rare and delightful smelling cigars. Granny might not thank you for it but he will!

A good bottle of whisky or brandy need not cost the earth. With a little bit of forward thinking wait till your local liquor store has a sale on the right item and buy a bottle. Keep it hidden till birthday time rolls around again.

Your Grandfather may be on a special diet where he isn’t allowed chocolate for example. Buy him a good sized bar and give it to him when Granny isn’t around. Before you do this, however, check that the chocolate, nougat or other tidbit will not damage his health should he indulge this one time.

A sports outing is always treasured. Not only while you are there but for long periods after the game. Sometimes just taking the time to go with your grandfather to watch a rugby, soccer or baseball game will be appreciated much more than the actual gift itself.

We tend to not tell our male relatives how important they are to us, as we assume they already know or we are not comfortable expressing our feelings. Write a letter, just saying how much you appreciate his influence in your life and how much you love him. He may not say how much the letter will mean to him but I guarantee he will treasure it as one of his most valued items.