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Fathers Day, Christmas and birthdays, when it comes to Dads often we run out of ideas. I mean he has his tools, his books and his TV, what more can he ask for? Well here are a few tips on presents that your dad will adore.

Make him a tape. Get the CD’s he listens to the most and tape them in a compilation of his favorite tunes. This is something he will keep forever and it won’t cost the earth to do, just invest a little time.

For the younger children, mom can help by getting the kids to paint jars for him to keep odds and ends in. This is especially effective if he is a handy man and has lots of ‘stuff’ lying around a workshop as the kids' jars will brighten it up as well as being used to keep the room in a fairly orderly state.

Computers are wonderful inventions and can be used to make certificates (a free gift of a day being waited on hand and foot, maybe while the sporting event of the year is on and he lying in his favorite chair watching). An alternative to this is an inspirational verse that the kids or mom feel has special meaning or significance in his life, this is especially nice if accompanied by a home made frame (a few pieces of wood, some glue and paint should do the trick).

A decadent gift for Dad, especially nice if the giver is an older child, is to get a bottle of liqueur that he is partial to, and place it in a basket of some sort. Then get small chocolates or nuts and dried fruit, and scatter them around the liqueur and cover in cellophane wrap. Bright, colorful and appreciated.

For the Executive Dad a simple paperweight to keep on his desk is easy to make. Get the kids to colour in a picture on a piece of paper. Get a medium sized rock from the garden, and cover it in the colored paper. Then cover again in cellophane or other light plastic and viola, you have a homemade paperweight.

With a little thought and ingenuity a wonderful gift for Dad need not be expensive, but it might take a little extra time to make, and isn’t that what counts where gifts are concerned, a little time?