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o Bring Out the Checkbook - Traditionally the father of the bride foots the bill. However, some select to divide all expenses evenly between both parties. Whatever your son or daughter decides is important, so be prepared to talk to them about expenses. Even if they want to pay themselves, they might need help handing out money. This day is so overwhelming for them, they could forget to pay the person officiating the ceremony.

o Shopping - You will need to make sure you have the proper clothing long before the wedding day. Depending on your role and the type of wedding, you might need to rent or buy a tuxedo. Otherwise, clean your old suit or buy a new one. But, be sure to have everything you need at least a month ahead of time.

o Events Before the Wedding - In general, you will need to attend the rehearsal dinner and the wedding. However, if you're in the South, it is a southern tradition for the parents of the bride to host an engagement party. Of course, it is up to you, your wife and daughter. The engagement party is a sign to your guests and family that the engagement is official, approved of, and that a wedding date is set. Closer to the wedding, you will need to ask about showers. Usually, the showers are hosted by women in the family, and only women attend. But, more and more showers are non-traditional. Some people invited men and women. While you will not be required to host one, you might be invited to attend. The day before the wedding is traditionally the rehearsal dinner. If you are the father of the bride, it will be vital you attend. This will be the opportunity for you to practice, so it is important you are there to learn your role.

o The Wedding Day - Of course, if you're the father of the bride, the biggest part you will have is walking your daughter down the aisle. Fathers of the groom and bride attend the reception. Depending on your traditions, you will likely need to dance. Usually, the bride dances with her father before being turned into the hands of her husband. But, both fathers should take part, by dancing with their wives, or members of the family.

The most important thing you can do is just being there for your son and daughter. Throughout the engagement, your children will need support, understanding and love.