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For me being a dad is the most wonderful feeling in the world. You don't realize it though, until you hold your baby in your arms for the first time. I remember when I first saw my little girl after she was born, I was almost in tears of joy. It is such a great feeling knowing that you helped in creating this wonderful being.

When we are younger we don't really think about being dads or having a family of our own. We don't really know what life will be like. Once you enter fatherhood there is a lot of changes. You have to make a lot of sacrifices and changes in your life. You and your spouse have to give up a lot of things. The trips to the movies and going other places are almost impossible with a new baby. You have to work your schedule around your family. Raising a child is very demanding and requires a lot of your time. There are trips to the doctor's office and lots to do to take care of your child. When you take your newborn to the doctor for the first time, it is very frightening. You have to sit there and watch them draw blood and give your baby shots. It is a awful feeling to see your baby crying in the hands of the doctors and nurses. This all necessary though, to make sure your child is healthy. There is a lot of new expenses, such as baby formula, diapers, and many other things a baby needs. Everything you were accustomed to is different.

Once you hold your baby, none of these other things matter. With all the sacrifices you make the good out weighs the bad. This is one of the best feelings in the world. Even though everything has changed, you would not trade anything for your wonderful child. There is not anything you would not do for your baby. It is all definitely worth it. Having a child really fulfills your life and adds a lot of meaning.