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Father's Day is a day of giving back and showing your father how much everything he does for you means to you. Your father cares and loves for you like no one else does in this world. Take these ideas and make this father's day one he will never forget. We have listed some crafts and ideas that you can use.
-"Chip off the old block": Take a small square piece of wood and saw one of the corners off. Paste a picture of you on the top of the block of wood and then decorate the rest of the block with your own creative decorations.
-"Most Special Person Gift": Take a shoe box and glue a mirror onto the bottom of the inside of the box and then paste a piece of paper on the bottom of the mirror which reads "You are the most special person in my life". You can decorate the rest of the box with your own personal decorations.
-"Father's Day Collage": Get pictures with you and your father and then cut them out and paste them onto a poster board.
-"Father's Day Poem": On a large sheet of paper create a poem about why you think your father is so special and what he means to you. Then decorate the border of the paper and write your name and the year in the lower right hand corner.
Take these ideas and remember that Father's Day is a very special and important day that allows you the opportunity to show your love and feelings for your wonderful dad.