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As the grooms¡¦ right hand man, the best man plays a vital role in the arrangements, the day itself and the aftermath.

Traditionally the best man¡¦s duties are:

„h To liase with the brides family and to be kept up to date with times and arrangements on the day.
„h He is responsible for getting the groom safely (and on time) to the church.
„h Checking the flowers have arrived and are the right order.
„h Making sure that the rings are present and safe.
„h Make sure the cars know where to be and at what time.
„h Oversees the running of the day and sorts out any mishaps or problems during the day.
„h Makes (usually the third) speech at the wedding breakfast and reads any telegrams.
„h Makes sure that all hire suits and equipment is returned in good time and in a clean manner.
„h Helps with the moving of presents and cards.
„h Makes sure that all transport is arranges and runs smoothly.

Generally the best man is there to oversee the smooth running of the day, so a good understanding of the schedule and arrangements is vital. Make sure that the best man is kept up to date with changes and alterations during the day. Any problems should be taken up with the best man; the bride and groom should not be bothered unless it is crucial.