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With huge advances in technology come schemes that often end up costing many otherwise intelligent investors a lot of money. One such scheme is the wireless cable TV station offer. A company approaches an investor with a chance to build and run a wireless cable TV station. They tell you that they'll help you every step of the way.
But the facts include that even if you want to build a wireless cable TV station, the Federal Communications Commission may not let you. Licenses are awarded on a lottery basis. Wireless cable TV stations use microwave signals to transmit its signal directly to the roofs of subscribers. The system can cost more than $100,000 to set up and more than $400 to set up each subscriber with an antenna system.
The risks come in when you may pay thousands of dollars to the company that approached you in order to prepare your application for a license to build your wireless cable TV station. However, your odds of getting the license are dependant upon how many other people the company and other companies like it they convinced to do the exact same thing. The other problems you'll run into includes finding funding for such a venture. The success of such stations are minimal, and finding a lender to help you out can be difficult. There are many communities who would be unwilling to support such a local wireless cable television effort. You need to make sure you'll have plenty of subscribers before you get started, or you could be running a sinking ship. One other thing to consider is a tip from many other people who have started local cable companies. Persistence is key. Many cable TV companies take years before they become successful. If you can survive a couple years of barely breaking even or losing money and have good marketing skills, then maybe you'll be successful.