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Each individual owns a set of messages programmed in his brain that describes his likes and dislikes. This program includes the person's preferences in searching for his suitable mate. Details like hair and eye color, voice, scent, body structure and personality are programmed into the brain from childhood. A person falls in love with the one who resembles that someone imaged by the program.

Another theory is that our mother's characteristics shape our program of our ideal mate. We look for people who bear strong resemblance's to her physical features and personality.The mother is the major female influence in a man's life. She also lays the foundation of what the man(son) expects from his future mate. He looks for a mate who resembles his mom because that's his perception of how an ideal woman should be. This same argument reasons why fathers influence daughters.

Fathers can also wield power and influence over the children's choice of mates. It's because the dad is the first male in a girl's life and he shapes her perception of what an ideal man should be.

Another theory of why people fall in love is that opposites attract. In a way, opposites complement each other. The likenesses and differences are balanced out. This is a trade-off known as the equity theory. One of the couple has a certain type of asset which s/he trades for the other's type of asset. The most common combination is the poor beauty marrying the ugly tycoon. Another set may be a rich-no-gooder pairing off with the poor-hardworker.

Some believe that couple fall in love because they are mirror images of each other. This is true as it's human nature to be comfortable with the likes of our kind. Very often, the spouse resembles the other in many social similarities.

Almost any type of combination can fall in love and make a perfect marriage couple. Its all due to the pre-programmed part of our brain which attunes us to the type of person we fall in love with.

What about instances where we don't have time to find out about the other and yet fall in love at first sight? This is the case of the couple discovering by chance that they share something very special in common. It can be physical or material which forms the mutual attraction basis for love at first sight.

Love is a mystery. Falling in love involves so many factors that it's tough to pin-point exactly what factors works for whom.