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So many people over the ages have offered thoughts and even advice concerning what this thing called “true love” is. Does anyone really know? Have you heard questions wondering if it even exists? Is it something found only in sappy songs and mushy movies?

No, it isn’t. True love exists and perhaps many people don’t wait around long enough to find it before they “settle” for something less. Impatience could explain the high divorce rates. Does everyone have a soulmate? Yes.

So, how do we tell? Gather a group of people together and you’ll get as many answers as there are people to the question, “What is true love?” Some may think that love is simply caring for the partner. That might be true in certain other kinds of love, but this article is about true romantic love.

Perhaps one way to tell if it is love is to ask yourself a few questions and make sure the answers are sincere. It’s rather easy to answer, "Oh yeah, I’d do that" without searching one’s heart, but these questions require answers straight from heart without any hesitation.

What are these questions? One would be, “If this person who is my partner suddenly became unable to walk, would I stay by his/her side and push that wheelchair for all time?” Others would include things like, “If an incurable disease was discovered in him/her tomorrow, or in myself, would we stay together?”

The answers to these questions cannot be confused with “duty.” The question isn’t, “Would I stay because I have a duty to stay” (which might be true in a relationship that’s already a marriage, but this article is about making sure a soulmate has been found before marriage.)

Back to the wheelchair question, what would the answer be to the question, "now, if God gave you the choice for YOU to be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life instead of him/her, would you, in your heart of hearts, make that sacrifice?"

Extremely difficult questions, yes. I think in a soulmate/true love situation, the “yes” answer would be automatic without much soul-searching whatsoever. Many relationships and marriages survive just fine without either partner being so willing to sacrifice these things, but in seeking an answer to “what is true love,” these questions, when asked and answered, serve somewhat as a guide.

The most difficult one, perhaps, but a great way to determine if you’ve truly found a soulmate is this: "If for some medical or psychological reason, your partner will never be able to have sex, would you still want to marry him/her?"

Tough, tough questions. Countless marriages undoubtedly start without this kind of commitment, but being able to give an affirmative answer to any of the above will give a feeling of peace like no other knowing that this person is the right choice, and the only choice if one believes in soulmates, to spend life with. The harder part may come in having your partner answer the same questions.

With any amount of luck or divine intervention, none of the above mentioned sacrifices will ever be necessary. The feeling that comes with knowing your answers from the heart, however, could be very helpful in answering the question that started it all, “is this person my true love?”