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What is a control freak? It is possible that all of us have a bit of control freak in our nature. It is human nature to dislike being wrong, making mistakes or feeling out of control since these are all situations which effect our self esteem. But while some can handle these situations which occur from time to time to everyone, to others, being in control of every situation and everyone involved in that situation at all times is the most important factor in their world. There are few people who haven't met a control freak. It is possible that you are working or living with one right now.
A control freak's dilemma begins with low self-esteem which can usually be traced back to experiences in their youth. Because this person believes that they are the only one who can recognize their true worth, they become obsessed with always being right and in control. Being in control should make a control freak happy but in truth, this is seldom the case. Since a control freak is a person who must be in control of every situation in which they are involved; they will gain this control through various different actions. For a control freak, it is of the utmost importance to have something they feel they can use to control the people they are involved with. Much of the time they will employ every known tactic to get as close as possible to their victims, even appear as their closest friend, so they can gain their confidence concerning matters one would not normally share.
Once a control freak has gained your total confidence, they will seek to use what they have learned to prove to you and others that you are incapable of handling your life. At this point a control freak will use any manner necessary to control their victim, from simple manipulations to sever rages. These actions give them more control over their victim and a sense of self confidence when they win. Although a control freak will appear completely in control of their life by always having what seems to be the correct answer, they very seldom are. Sadly, they are constantly convincing themselves and those around them that they can justify their inabilities or hurtful actions.
Although many people get caught in the trap of believing they can help a control freak, the best way to help them is to suggest they seek professional guidance. But be prepared for their reaction when you do this. It will not be positive and more likely than not they will try to convince you that it is you who has the problem. In reality, most control freaks hate the way they are, but to admit that they need help would be a major blow to their low self esteem. Thus they remain control freaks until they seek help.