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There are many superstitions that have been around for years, relating to almost every subject under the sun. As most of them go, no one can actually say where or when they originated. However, they do hold some weight for the most superstitious of the population.

Wedding traditions can either be avoided or embraced, depending upon the style of wedding you are having.

The most popular traditions still used today are:

„h It was customary to toss rice and grain, both of which are symbols of food and children.
„h The bride and groom sharing a meal after the wedding ceremony have always been seen as confirmation of their new status. In fact, in Ancient Rome, the marriage contract was not legally binding until a couple had shared bread together.
„h The wedding cake is an ancient tradition and forms the central focal point at the reception. It dates back at least to the Romans who ate cake made of flour, salt and water while the service was in progress.
„h It is a well-known tradition for the bride to throw her bouquet over her shoulder into the group of guests. Supposedly, the person who catches it will be the next to marry. In days gone by, the bride often threw one of her wedding shoes.
„h Traditionally, when the couple arrived home from their honeymoon, the chief bridesmaid would wait at their home and welcome them. The tradition is now sometimes fulfilled by the bride¡¦s mother and/or the mother-in-law.
„h Something old, something new, something borrowed something blue, And a silver sixpence/silver threepenny bit in your shoe. The custom of wearing something blue originates from ancient Israel when bride wearing a blue ribbon symbolises fidelity. The placing of a coin in her shoe is said to bring wealth.
„h The veil did not appear until the 19th century in Britain and since then it has become very popular and it is still recognised as being symbolic of the bride¡¦s chastity. Traditionally the bride¡¦s veil is thrown back after the ceremony, revealing her face.
„h Ladies should always take the left arm of their escorts. When escorting a lady, the man should offer her his left arm so that his sword arm is free to protect her if necessary. Left-handed men ignore reality and abide by the custom.
„h A bride should throw away every pin when removing her dress and veil or she will be unlucky.
„h The new husband should carry his wife over the threshold of their home in order to bring good fortune in their future life.