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Mobile Homes have changed drastically over the years. They are built more spacious, brighter, and can be more easily afforded. Trailers are an inexpensive way to get out of the apartment life and built credit.

When purchasing a trailer, the buyer must be attentive, as many manufacturers cut corners with the building of trailers. The lease of the trailer court chosen should be carefully read for rules and regulations that are not feasible.

Purchasing a brand-new trailer is possible for under $40,000. The standard trailer has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and laundry room. Double wide models with more options are available for a higher cost. New trailers are bright and roomy with big bathtubs and a lot of cupboard space. They come fully decorated with wallpaper, curtains, mirrors, and usually a stove and refrigerator.

Another pro to trailer living are the trailer courts that are available for you to reside in. There are generally an assortment of mobile home courts in any given area. You can move a trailer without any huge cost and it is unbelievably easy to do. Courts have space rentals for different costs and all different types of agreements.

One downfall to trailer living is that unless you own the land you live on, you will always pay rent to live in a court. There are courts that have strict rules and regulations which must be abided. Many do not allow large dogs, outdoor kennels, fences, and/or garages. Some have requirements for your lawn length, bush limits, landscape minimums and so forth. These rules can seem tough, but it makes for a nice, clean court. Many courts have you sign leases and agreements to live in the courts.

Trailers are made at a high volume and therefore are all very similar. Generally the only differences between trailers are the color scheme and personal decoration.

Manufacturers visibly cut corners by using cheaper wood for paneling and door jams. The cupboards are meant to look like real wood, but are generally particleboard with a wood finish. Locks, doorknobs, window screens, and faucets are usually the cheapest that can be bought. These should be replaced by the owner with higher quality parts after the first year. Trailers demand a lot of up keep to have a high re-sale value. Little investments in a trailer can have a high reward. Central air, garbage disposal, dishwasher, and/or outdoor decks can have a huge impact on the re-sale value. Overall, trailers have improved immensely over the years and are becoming a more popular investment.

Purchasing a trailer means a ten-year loan as opposed to a thirty or forty year house mortgage. This is convenient for the young, starting out families who do not have the resources for a large down payment. Being aware of the pros and cons to trailer living is a good idea before the investment is made.