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The pre-teen and teenage age period is a time in which we learn how to make our relationships work best. There is a certain psychology which is somewhere in the realm of “playing hard to get,” yet making sure everything is straight forward. Insecurity is the base of any beginning relationship. Infatuation stems from insecurity. There are methods for preserving both feelings until the relationship gets it’s own feet to stand upon.

Although the philosophy has always been then guys don’t call because they are afraid, or get cold feet, it’s actually a trick which they are born with. Men evolved to try to make their female companions insecure.

You’ve heard me mention insecurity several times already, perhaps I should clarify. It is important to not know exactly what is happening in one’s surroundings. The reason for this is: security often is a catalyst for change. Insecurity provides a foundation for things to continue as they are in hopes that they will improve.

In the very beginning of a relationship infatuation is vital. There are several ways to achieve this:

1) Provide a mysterious aura around yourself.
2) Do not act too interested.
3) When you are with your date, act completely attached, but when you are away from them, do not be available.

There are many other ways to achieve infatuation in a relationship, however I will leave these up to your own creative minds.

Many people ask, how many dates make you an item? This question can only be answered by you. Unfortunately most people rush into a serious monogamous relationship. Playing the field is an important thing to do early in one’s life, otherwise, how will you know what is available? When you and your date sit down… and talk, and decide that you have a common bond, and believe that you are right for each other; this is when you are an item.