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The most common horror stories about sororities are about hazing rituals and the superficiality of the girls. We've all heard the terrible un-traceable story about the sorority that hazed their new girls ("pledges") by making them prance around naked while the older girls circled their cellulite with permanent marker. And then there are the stories about fraternities and sororities that have forced their pledges to drink so much that they end up with alcohol poisoning and sometimes death.
I know that you are thinking that there must be some truth to these stories because they are very common and have even been seen on the news. There is a possibility that something like this has occurred in the past but in my experience the likelihood of these things happening are slim to none.
For one thing, I was dead set against joining a sorority. I didn't want to be involved with girls who were the stereotypical "sorority girl." You know who she is, the one with the super high voice and enough make-up to cover a planet. She wears really tight clothes and is boy-crazy. The funny thing is that I never met that girl and I still haven't met her to this day. I got involved with the sorority because one of my very best friends was in it and she is a very warm, down to earth person. I have to admit that I was very surprised when I met some of the girls in the sorority and ended up really liking them. Joining the sorority helped me to get involved in great community service opportunities and I made wonderful, long-lasting friendships.
The day I joined, I had to sign a letter which stated that hazing is illegal and will never be done by the sorority. The form is taken very seriously and in no way was I hazed, embarrassed, or even treated as less than any of the other girls in the sorority. I don't feel like I'm part of a sorority, I feel like I am part of a big family with people all around my age, who have the same concerns about school and life in general. So my advice is to never read a book by it's cover or even to read a magazine article and judge a sorority based on that!