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I'm sure all of us who have been in relationships ever wonder what our significant other is doing when we are not around. However, there is a distinct difference between that random thought that may enter your jealous mind, and a real reason to be thinking about what your boyfriend/girlfriend is doing or who they are with when you're gone. If you ever have wanted to know if you're loved one is cheating on you, but don't know how to go about finding out without asking them, then these few tips may help you out.
Lying is always an indicator of something gone wrong in a relationship. If your boyfriend/girlfriend begins to tell you he is going out with friends, and you discover his friends had not been out with him that certain night you may have something to worry about. You must ask yourself how many times this has been happening, and when else this could have realistically occurred. Do not get upset over a one-time occurrence because he/she may have had a good reason for one night. If your significant other begins using the common excuses like he/she had to stay at work late, or that the girl he had a drink with are just friends then you must start questioning his true motives. There is a fine line before having friends of the opposite sex and constantly being with them alone and lying to the girlfriend/boyfriend. If he/she has nothing to hide, then he/she shouldn't be lying to you in the first place, and you shouldn't turn into the questioning and jealous boyfriend/girlfriend until the excuses begin occurring much more frequently.
You should also look for signs to see if your boyfriend/girlfriend seems to be drifting away from you as well. Try to pay more attention to the inner workings of your relationship. See if he/she still spends quality time with you willingly, or if he/she avoids speaking with you about anything besides superficial topics. If they are not paying as much attention to you, and you know they do not have a significant reason to want to be alone or more aloof, then this may also be a sign. Are they simply avoiding you, or avoiding their friends as well? Usually if a person is cheating on their girlfriend/boyfriend, they continue to keep contact with their friends much more than the girlfriend/boyfriend. Also, look to see if his/her friends still talk to you, or if they have drifted as well. Sometimes, the best way to tell if they are cheating on you is through the little things.
No matter what happens, always make sure to talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend before making any rash decisions. Sometimes you may think you have the best clues and you could be completely wrong, so confront them and ask them what's going on and why you are worried without accusing them. You still want to give them a chance to defend themselves so you can then decide if they are telling the truth, lying once again or if they come clean with the affair. So whatever you decide, discuss your thoughts and feelings with your significant other before breaking off that relationship because of the affair.