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These are the factors that are related to divorce:

Low level of education: It has found out that uneducated people are more like to divorce than educated people. Due to the fact that they have not learn how to communicate effectively.

Low family income: Couples who fall below the family income range are more likely to divorce due to financial problems in the marriage.

Interpersonal factors: If one partner is willing to improve the relationship and the other partner is not, then it will not work, since both have to be willing to work on the marriage.

Differences: couples who have different point of views about certain situation will cause a disagreement in most conversations.

Frequent arguments: If you keep having minor or major arguments with your spouse about everything, whether or not is important, this may be a sign of divorce.

Premarital births: couples who bring children in the marriage are at a high chance of being divorce than couples who do not bring children in the home.

Trust: If either the wife or husband do not trust the wife due to having an affair, this will cause conflict in the marriage.

Lack of communication: When any couple stop talking or they don't have anything to say to their spouse this is a sign of divorce.

Making a decision to divorce is not easy, it is always a painful process, even for partners hopelessly mismatched. Divorce is particular painful because it involves so may kinds of separation. This is the most stressful changes a person can experience. Although people may no longer love their ex-spouses, they may still feel a remaining bond.