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Instructions: Have some paper and a pen or pencil handy and get ready for your quiz! First, jot down the numbers 1-5 on your paper. Then write your most HONEST answer next to the question number. No peeking at the point values until you are done with the quiz! A lot of people claim to be romantics, but when it comes to actually BEING romantic with their partner, they fall short. See where you fall in this highly unscientific romance-o-meter. (Remember, this quiz is just for fun, entertainment and perhaps some small insight into your life. Results should be taken in this spirit. Have fun!)


(1) It's Valentines Day! What do you get for your long-time sweetheart?

(a) a dinner at a good restaurant, some flowers,
and a card
(b) a home-cooked meal and a poem that your wrote
dedicated to your lover
(c) you burned a CD with his/her favorite songs and
a personal message from you as the last track
(d) the DVD version of the Matrix in hopes that you
could borrow it sometime
(e) nothing - valentines day is just another
holiday created by greeting card companies for
profit--your sweetheart knows where you stand
and won't take it personally

(2) From the list below, identify what you find most endearing/attractive about your partner.

(a) a knockout body
(b) a specific (and to most people unremarkable)
feature (such as chin, a crinkle in the corner
of the eyes, knees)
(c) the way he/she laughs - it is always infectious
to me
(d) model face, very sexy appearance in general

(3) Your significant other asks what you consider to
be 'Our Song', your quick response is...

(a) the song that was playing when you first had
intimate contact with your lover
(b) you blurt out "Gun's n' Roses 'Patience'" ---
that was your favorite song in college and the
first one that popped into your head--you
simply had never given the matter much thought
before now
(c) the song that was playing when you first saw
your lover
(d) the song that you or your partner sang on your
first 'Open Mike-Nite' date
(e) none of the above really apply to me

(4) Your sweetie is sick with the flu on a Monday, which of
the following are you most likely to do?

(a) make him/her soup and arrange to work at home
that day so that you can take care of your
significant other
(b) stay away! no point in both of you getting sick
(c) make a run to the store for medicine, tissues,
and a movie -- drop these off with your partner
before heading off for work
(d) leave a 'get well soon' message on his/her
answering machine

(5) To you, the purpose of "romance" is...

(a) to woo a partner into bed or into a committed
(b) to express how you feel about another person
(c) to keep your partner happy
(d) propaganda out of Hollywood and companies that
have something to sell -- the image of romance
is not realistic for real-life

Answer Key...
(1) a=0; b=+3; c=+2; d=-2; e=-1
(2) a=-1; b=+1; c=+1; d=-1
(3) a=+1; b=-1; c=+2; d=+1; e=0
(4) a=+2; b=-2; c=+1; d=-1
(5) a=-2; b=+2; c=0; d=-2

The moment of truth! Add up your points and see if you are a true romantic---

8-10 points: MERRILY ROMANTIC Your partner is lucky to have you. You realize that romance isn't about cliche gifts and store-bought sentiments. It is about showing how you truly care for someone with acts of thoughtfulness. It is about putting forth effort and actions to show you love your partner, not just saying 'I love you' or buying expensive gifts.

5-7 points: FAIRLY ROMANTIC You have your moments of true romance, and a few moments when your partner may think you fall a bit short. Not to worry. With a score like this, it shows you have sincere interest in expressing yourself to your partner even if it is sometimes a bit cliche or clumsy. Remember, sincerity matters more than actually pulling off romantic stunts!

1-4 points: BARELY ROMANTIC Once in a blue moon, you may come off as romantic. Ask your partner how important romance is to him/her in the relationship. You may find that a bit more effort on your end could make a huge difference in how close you feel to your partner.

Less than 1 point: DOWNRIGHT UNROMANTIC Your score indicates that you may be a bit cynical and selfish when it comes to love. You may have a misconception of what romance is. Do you think romance has to cost money? Do you think romance has to have hidden motives? Ask yourself why you avoid romance. Write a little love note on a sheet of paper and stick it under your partners pillow, door, or in his/her mailbox. You don't have to be a poet or a great writer AND you don't have go to any expense to complete this task. All you have to do is be brave enough to test the romantic waters with your partner before resigning yourself to a life of non-romance. Expect to be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!