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Tired of the same old "Hi honey, I'm home" routine? Feel as if the daily grind of job, home, kids, and back again is getting between you and your other half? Is it time to put the love back in your marriage?

Let's start with the daily tasks. What is it that makes fixing dinner, cleaning house, running errands, taking care of the kids, and the house, and car so monotonous? Put some excitement back, a little note in a lunch or briefcase that says I love you can go along way towards reminding your other half of what you had when you first got married. Bring home a flower, or a box of candy, just like when you were dating. Part of what has happened is you have both become predictable. This is not bad, but it can dull the love feeling that you once had.

This is not a license to get crazy, but a suggestion to surprise your spouse with an unexpected gesture of affection. You should know your spouse well enough to be able to surprise them occasionally. Don't put a note on the calendar to 'surprise spouse'. You are looking for spontaneity, to do something unexpected. We are not talking elaborate plans to take them out for an expensive dinner, we are talking a phone call in the middle of the day to say I love you and miss you.

A cozy cuddle on the couch or on the patio, to talk about non-serious matters. Keep serious things for another time and place you are trying to ignite a romance like when you first got married, not have a business discussion. A moonlight walk, a romantic movie, a play, dancing, anything that is just the two of you, no kids, no telephone, no commitments.

An honest to goodness date that is just you two, no double dating, no kids, no mother-in-law, just the two of you. Think back to when you first met your spouse, what did you enjoy doing? How did you feel? Try to recreate those feelings it should be a little easier now, since you have a better knowledge of your spouse.

Things will not change overnight, the romance didn't disappear when you said I do, it took time. Don't tie your romantic overtures to favors, they are done just because you love your spouse. You are not doing the dishes tonight so that your spouse will wash the car next weekend, you are doing them because you know your spouse doesn't like doing dishes, and you want to do something nice. They are not scrubbing the kitchen floor because they want you to change the air filters in the air-conditioner, they are doing it as a way to say I love you.

Most of all enjoy the things about your partner that caused you to fall in love with them in the first place. That quirky way they have of holding their fork, the way they smile when they see you. All of these things are part of the romance.

So go do something nice, put the romance back, and enjoy your second honeymoon, and the third, etc.