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Thirty ways to be romantic

We can all be romantic with the right person; most of us just need a little push in the right direction. Just think about the joy you¡¦ll see on your partner¡¦s face when you show how much you care.

The following tips are easy and take little time and even less money, what more of incentive do you need?

„h Write a love letter. This can be kept forever and in your own words you can say how much your partner means to you.
„h Rent a classic love story at the local video hire shop, cook a nice meal and then cuddle up on the sofa with a bottle of wine.
„h Make your own greeting cards.
„h If you are useless at gift-wrapping and usually ask the assistant to do it, try it yourself, thoughtfulness is incredibly romantic.
„h Place a flower under the windscreen wiper of his or her car.
„h Propose a toast to her while out dining with friends.
„h Celebrate all anniversaries and birthdays.
„h Take Valentines Day off work and spend the day in bed with your partner.
„h Compliment your partner.
„h Leave a love note inside his lunchbox so he¡¦ll find it at work.
„h Put on some soft music and light a few candles while eating your evening meal.
„h Give each other massages.
„h Take your partner for a walk along the beach.
„h Write I Love You on the bathroom mirror in soap just before she has a bath.
„h Call your partner at work to see how her day is going.
„h Fulfil each other¡¦s fantasies.
„h Pack two bags, one for you and one for your partner, and then whisk her off to a hotel in the country for the weekend.
„h Flirt with each other.
„h Do a few household chores that the partner usually does as a surprise.
„h Do something together that one of you hates doing i.e. going clothes shopping with your wife. Then change round and do something they hate doing but you love.
„h Ask the baby sitter to take your children out instead of watching them at your house while you go out. Arrange a romantic meal and dancing.
„h Communicate.
„h Tell him that you appreciate all that he does.
„h Brush and wash her hair for her.
„h Give your partner a full shave with a razor.
„h Go out to dinner during the week, surprise your partner by picking them up from work and whisking them to their favourite restaurant.
„h Stay up all night talking.
„h Go skinny dipping
„h Carry a photo of each other in your wallets/purses.
„h Keep it up!