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Whether you are single or attached, young or old, male or female, a little romance goes a long way. It builds your self-esteem, confidence and, let's face it, just makes you feel good in general. Romance puts a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Romance in our lives keeps us young at heart, healthy and happy. However, even if you're single, no need to despair. There are plenty of ways to put a little romance in your life.

Eat Chocolate

It's a proven fact, chocolate stimulates the same chemicals in our brains that love does. If you're a little short on love, buy yourself some chocolate. Don't stop at the local drugstore and buy yourself the first chocolate bar you see though; splurge. Buy quality chocolate. Buy chocolate whose recipe has been developed, refined and perfected over the years. Buy the very best you can afford (consider flavored chocolates like mint, raspberry or vanilla). When you're romancing yourself, go first class all the way.


Work out! Get on that bike. Take a walk. Strap on your rollerblades. Just get up and get moving. Exercise stimulates both our minds and bodies so that we feel better about ourselves and exude a fit and sexual aura that can only serve to draw that special someone to us. Think about the times in your life when you've been your most fit. You walked, talked and saw yourself and your world differently, more positively, felt more powerful. Now that's romantic.

Pamper Yourself

When you're involved in a romance, you usually give your appearance and grooming that little extra touch. Men go for a closer shave, try new aftershaves and keep their hair trimmed. Women splurge for an expensive perfume, a new outfit, a new hairstyle or a day at the spa. Do these things whether you're involved or not. You deserve to look and feel your best just because you're you. Your confidence will soar. And if you are involved, your partner will reap the rewards too.

Immerse Yourself in Romantic Settings

When you're involved, everything and every place seems romantic. Even the grocery or the laundry can be romantic if the two of you are together. The romance follows you wherever you go. When you're single, you still need to enjoy romantic settings.

Look at romantic settings in magazines, photographs, paintings. Plan your next vacation to the most relaxing and romantic place you can afford. Notice the romantic settings you encounter every day, the corner table in your favorite restaurant, the back seat of the bus where the two of you can snuggle unnoticed, a posh hotel that you pass every day on your way to the office.

Or create your own romantic setting. One thing that is incredibly romantic is a candelight bath. Run lots of warm water into the tub. Place as many candles as you can find on every surface in the bathroom (scented candles are especially nice). Use your favorite scented soaps and bath oils. Turn on some relaxing music. Turn the lights out and take your bath surrounded by the glow of romance and candlelight. Guaranteed, you'll feel the romance.

Think Romantic Thoughts -- Fantasize!

Even if you're stuck in rush hour traffic, you can have romance on your mind. It's called fantasy. Imagine romantic encounters you'd like to have in the future or remember real life romances from your past. Let your imagination run wild about scenarios you'd like to experience in the future. Pretend you're the heroine in a romance novel. Imagine what you'd wear, how you would look, how your love interest would look and how you would feel when he takes you in his arms. Let your mind run with romantic fantasies.

Keep a Romance Journal

Keep a romance journal to record your romantic ideas and inspirations. Fill it with romantic poems, lists of your favorite romantic books and movies, keepsakes from your romantic times and even pen a few of your own steamy fantasies. It's also fun to record your own romantic encounters that you may want to relive from time to time. No one need know about your journal but you but be reassured you'll get many private moments of pleasure from it.

Read Romantic Books

You may have a few reservations about this suggestion but trust me, a good romance novel will restore your belief in love. Find one that revolves around interests you share, maybe a particular period in history, a country you'd like to visit or one where the characters have a profession you are interested in and start reading. Before you know it, you'll be caught up in the non-stop action and adventures of the hero and heroine, find yourself caring about their story and their future and turning page after page to see what happens next. And every romance novels comes with a guaranteed happy ending. Now where else are you going to find that?

No matter what your status, keep your fire lit by following these romantic tips and before you know it, you'll have more romance in your life than you ever dreamed possible.