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We all usually enter into marriage with an ideal of endless romance on our minds. All too soon, that ideal seems to make way for jobs, grocery shopping and kids who won't go to bed. As the illusion of "happy ever after" fades, we can be left feeling cheated. Here are ways to keep the "home fires burning" on a budget.

1. Fresh flowers: If he can't afford to bring you flowers anymore, grow some! Plant a garden or window box with your favorite blooms so that you can place them in vases around your home to create the scent and feel of romance.
2. Movie Night: Can't pay the sitter and buy tickets. Rent two movies, one for family viewing with the kids, one for the two of you later. And men, do not confuse movie for adults with "adult movies", go for dramatic romance or romantic comedy to impress your "date".
3. Take a walk, hold hands: Even if its a stroll around the block, hold hands and look at the moon and stars.
4. Play hookey: take a "sick day" when the kids are in school to be alone once in a while.
5. Learn how to massage: Treat each other to feeling pampered. Have spa night where you give each other rubs and facials.
6. Have pot luck parties and entertain in your home. Dress up and play host and hostess. Make it a pot luck with a board or card game afterward.

These are only some ideas to keep you feeling like a couple when you have a family.