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The end of your courtship days does not signal the end of your romance. In fact, marriage is a lifelong romance with your spouse. If you aren't married but belong to the category of those seeking to improve a relationship's romance, then this article is also for you. Just substitute the word spouse for partner.

First of all, examine what you can do for the immediate future to add a spark of excitement into your relationship. It can be a weekend break away from the norm. You can arrange babysitting for the kids and spend some romantic time privately. Having time all to yourselves is like a refreshing dunk in the passion of romance. You'll return rejuvenated to continue your normal lives strengthened by your romantic bond to each other.

Rekindling the flames of romance means putting some effort into spending time and energy with your spouse's favorite activities, no matter how boring it is for you. Sharing common interests helps to maximize your social contact time together. Your companionship and support will be much appreciated. Let's just face it: human beings are social animals and love to be appreciated in word and action. Staying in touch with each other also puts you at close proximity with each other, which is close enough for intimacy that cements and strengthens your marital relationship.

Always redefine your individual goals and shared goals together. Each spouse can make a list of priorities and then take turns spending time on the items on the lists. Showing that you care for each other's priorities is another way of putting the spark back into your romance.

You can't be a quiet romantic. You have to express yourself and let that romantic spark ignite the fire of your spouse. If you don't take the initiative, then the time is lost and gone. Time and tide wait for no man or woman. The opportunity may not repeat itself. For instance, a public holiday on a Friday or Monday is just the perfect excuse to spend a long weekend away somewhere special. Don't use the time to do your private official work. Bringing the office home just kills romance.

Regularly set aside time for dates with each other. When you have a specific date to look forward to, your excitement mounts and you'll feel happy with the excitement of anticipation. The date itself becomes secondary to the passion waiting for it to arrive and happen.