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If you're reading this, you're likely to be into a relationship that's past infatuation and now you are at the cross-roads of how to improve your relationship to get into the next stage. There are certain emotional needs that are important for both parties that have to be taken care of to make that friendship flourish.

Tend to the need of love. Not just physical love but other aspects as well. Security, protection, comfort and approval all reaffirm the bond of love. Some relationships are at a stalemate when either half forgets these fundamental expressions and takes the other for granted.

Communication improves a relationship. You may be an active communicator as in a talker or an inactive communicator as in a listener. It offers support and reaffirms the trust and understanding in a relationship. Talk makes, breaks or cements a relationship.

Don't forget the fun stuff. Being serious brings a sense of boredom. Break out in frivolity occasionally. If there is nothing to improve the relationship, you may find yourselves breaking up. It is every human desire to enjoy leisure and it is an extra privilege having a favorite playmate to enjoy recreation with. Looks are important too in a stable relationship. Dazzle him or her occasionally to put the spark back into your romance. Break out of your conventional dress mode to give your love a pleasant surprise. Even changing the colors of your make-up, nails, hair or clothes puts the element of interest into something familiar.

Improve your relationship by bringing it into a deeper, spiritual level. Share spirituality. Share your thoughts, fears and hopes. Sharing trials and tribulations give a sense of weathering the storms and maturing into the relationship.

If you are or have a household to maintain, you will definitely appreciate help in housekeeping and other domesticities. Anybody will be grateful for any help rendered towards lightening the workload. Men may not understand this and need some heavy hinting or point-blank firing to get them helping. A good relationship means both parties enjoy doing the chores and leisure activities together.

Finance is another important aspect of a relationship. Both need to voice opinions and needs and share common financial goals. Co-operation and accommodation in financial responsibilities improves the relationship. Sharing in any way can alleviate the burden and stress.

Humans thrive on praise. Throwing in the odd compliment or two is like spicing up the relationship. Your efforts towards improving your relationship will go a long way.