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Men are different from women and that has never been disputed by anyone, but what you are really interested in is how to live with the opposite sex and get along. The experts say the main ingredient for a good relationship is communication. I disagree, I don't think it is in how much you say, but in how much you hear. When you care for someone, you listen.

Listening is a skill, and like most skills, it takes practice. But it is hard for most of us to learn the art of listening when we are too busy communicating. In other words, we are so busy trying to get our point across, our viewpoints heard, that we don't even consider that if we would allow a moment of silence to enter into our restless soul, that maybe we could thoughtfully find quiet resolutions. If we could take a moment to consider the reactions of our partner and let our mind wander to their reason for feeling as they do, that is when we will find true understanding. We should know our partner well enough by now to figure it out without them having to communicate it to us again and again.

People communicate things to us in a million different ways, and talking is not the only form of communication. But to listen is to care. We can take what we hear and make it apart of us, so that our partner will know that we not only took the time to listen, but to show we took the time to care because we HEARD!

I believe in what goes around comes around. So it makes sense to me that whatever we give out, we will abundantly receive.

Do this experiment: See how much you can do for your partner today, and then see how eager they are to do something for you in return.

These tips may not provide a miracle the first day, (and then you may be surprised) but over time you will see a definite improvement in the growth of your relationship and the essense of your love for one another.