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Breaking up with that one really special person can be one of the hardest things for anyone to do. When you grow attached to someone in a very deep emotional way, it is very difficult to adjust to a different lifestyle when you break up. Before you grow to attached to someone, you want to have a good understanding about who that person is and what their intentions are for the relationship. Work into the relationship slowly. By doing this you will prevent heartache in short term relationships. Once you have entered into a relationship, do not look for the end. Do not worry about the relationship coming to an end. Enjoy it while it lasts, it might last forever. When it a relationship does come to an end though, it would be nice if it was peaceful and pleasant. Try and take a little time off from seeing each other. See how you guys feel when you are apart for a week or two. While you are taking this time off, do not try and find someone else to attach yourself to. Try to relax and enjoy the time by yourself. You must be happy with yourself and who you are before you can ever have a successful relationship. Try occupying your time with things that you really enjoy doing but you might not have been able to do as much as you would have liked while you were in the relationship. Talk and spend time with friends that you did not get to hang out with while you were in the relationship. Whenever you find yourself really missing that other person, think about the the entire relationship. Do not just think about all of the good things. You must remember the bad things along with the good memories. Just remember that life is full of surprises and tomorrow might hold the most exciting surprise of your life.