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If you are like most people, there are lots of activities you'd like to do in your leisure time, but you never seem to get around doing them because of your work or you are just too busy. The solution is to have a plan for your activities.

The best way to get anything done in life is to plan, especially for your activities. These activities can include dancing, learning a new skill or anything of your interest.


Create a "to-do" list for your spare time as you might for workday. This list should include what you want to do with each leisure evening or weekend.

Allot some specific times on a regular basis when you will pursue the leisure activities that are important to you. A schedule time will help ensure the successful fulfillment of your plan.

If it's culture your after, consider getting at least one subscription series to eliminate some of the paperwork and phone that often accompany even leisure-time plans (you will also avoid time in line).

Set up a regular social contacts, like monthly Saturday dinner with specific friends, so you spend less time coordinating your meetings and more time enjoying them.

If you used to much of your recreation time for household chores, try delegating those tasks to professional help or family members.

If you often work in your leisure hours, consider that you may be more efficient if you plan, and carry out, pleasurable activities that energize you.

To keep your leisure-time plans active, make appointments with yourself. You will be less inclined to give up your plans if someone else asks you to do something, since you have a previous commitment to yourself.

Just as a "quiet hour" of uninterrupted time at the office increases your work efficiency, a "quiet" leisure hour enhances your non-work time. On a fixed schedule, if possible, take some time each evening and weekend to mediate, listen to music, reflect or do nothing.

You can find more time for recreation by setting your alarm only an hour earlier on weekends. You'll gain four hours a month more. Become more efficient at work. Get to work early, so you can leave earlier (and not have to take work home as often) to find the time to read, watch TV and relax.