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Defined as, the study of numbers to determine their supernatural meaning, Numerology theories have been discovered to be anything but mystical. Dating back to ancient times the study of numbers in relationship to a persons life path has ranked in importance with signs from the stars. As a science, numerology is the art of understanding the significance and progression of all manifestation.
The theory behind numerology is that each number produces a vibration. Each vibration has a meaning and understanding the meaning in relationship to ourselves will bring us in close contact with the underlying intelligence of the universe. Much of our scientific understanding of numbers can be credited to Pythagoras. As a philosopher, he believed that all things are numbers. According to his teachings, "Evolution is the law of life; Numbers is the law of the universe; Unity is the law of God." Pythagoras taught that everything in the universe was subject to predictable progressive cycles and his way of measuring these cycles were the numbers 1 through 9.
It is an interesting fact that ever number over 9 can be reduced back to 1 through 9. Following this fact, numerology seeks to help a person learn how to find their personal numbers and teach what those numbers will mean. Thus, for one to find their birth number they would add the number of their birth month, birth day and birth year.
(02+28+19+47=96) Reduce this to a single number. (9+6=15 & 1+5=6) Understanding the meaning of the number enables the person to better comprehend what talents they possess to carry out their vocation.
In numerology, all the letters of the alphabet are shown to respond to numbers 1 through 9. This makes it possible to not only work with the numbers related to your life, but also to words such as your name. With numerology one can learn their secret ambitions and goals, destiny, birth path, challenges, how to know what you will face in life, greatest successes and much more. Although the science of numerology does not seek to answer all lifes questions, used as a tool it has proved to be a great assets for understanding.