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Mid-life crisis in marriage happens at the time when you've reached the pinnacle of your career ( if you're working ), the kids have grown, the kids may have moved out, your financial responsibilities have changed and retirement seems just round the corner.

With a quieter house, you will have the time and resources to think about yourself, your marriage, your past and what the future will hold for you. There may be additional stress from having to handle changes from menopause for both spouses. Coping with biological changes produces stress which may spill over into your marriage and create marital conflicts, too. This is why menopause is commonly associated with mid-life crisis in marriage. Deal with this by being knowledgeable about the symptoms and how to cope with menopause.

When you've come to the middle of your life expectancy span, you're at a transition phase. You have to go to the next big step. Your goals now are more for yourself, your retirement and your marriage. Sit down with your partner and have that really big talk about your new life plans. Set up new goals. The end of your old life signals the beginning of your new life. Handling mid-life crisis involves willingness and momentum to make the necessary changes. With this, you are also renewing your commitment in marriage.

If you had any dissatisfaction in your marriage so far, now is the time to communicate effectively and seek solutions. It is easier to recommit than to divorce. Divorce has serious repercussions and consequences. At the ripe old age of mid-life, a divorce is way too late. Better to salvage the marriage which gave you so any years of meaning in your life. If you need help, seek it from anybody who you think can act as an intermediary. A marriage counselor is a professional who aims to help both spouses to resolve marital conflicts and domestic unrest. Bear in mind that any domestic crises are rarely one-sided. Each spouse has to accept responsibility for his / her part in the problem.

Before you can be happy in your marriage, you need to be happy with your self. Make a list of goals that would give you happiness. Work towards achieving those goals. Now, you have no cause to be unhappy. Next, tackle the difficult issues in your marriage in much the same way.

Put the romance back into your marriage. Go on dates and spend special time together. rediscover your relationship. Sharing is one of the greatest gifts in a marriage. Share your spirituality, thoughts and intellectual ideas. When you re-invest in your companion, you'll discover that you've overcome that mid-life crisis in marriage!