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Astrology, in the beginning, was intertwined with astronomy. It came to be a more exacting science when people began asking for an accurate time reckoning. The European brand of astrology, which is practiced today, derives originally from ancient Mesopotamia. Studying the movement of stars and planets for signs and omens is an ancient science. It has been used throughout history to predict good occurances, as well as bad.
Today people look to astrology as a tool. Reading daily horoscopes in seach of clues concerning one's day can bring about joy or extreme fustration. But does a daily horoscope really tell you anything? Astrologists believe that for a person to truly understand how the planets are influencing thier day, one must know what each planet in their chart means and how it affects them. According to astrology, every star and planet was in an exact position in the heavens at the time of one's birth. This map represents a 360 degree circle which is split into twelve 30 degree sections. These represent the twelve signs of the Zodiac. Each house, or 30 degree section represents some aspect of existance. For instance , houses represents physical body, self, early environment, money, possessions, earning ability, brothers, sisters, short journeys, communication, home, end of life, children pleasures, social life, service, work, health, open enemies, public relations, partnerships, taxes, regeneration, death, higher education, law, long trips, philosophy, religion, profession, status, friends, hopes and wishes.
In the same manner, each planet effects some aspect of your personal existance. The Sun affects personality, the Moon emotions, Mercury is communication, Venus effects how you love, Mars is temperment, Jupiter is good\bad fortune, Saturn is lessons to be learned, Uranus is urge for freedom and manifested individuality, Neptune is soul destiny,imagination, creativity and Pluto represents group destiny.
In other words, a daily horoscope is based on nothing more than ones sun sign which only represents the personality. Thus it would make sense that these entertaining tidbits will not fit all the events of ones daily life. In addition to the influences of planets and houses, astrologist believe certain angles of each planet in relationship to the other planets have harmonious or inharmonious effects on the way one is influenced by them. Planets at 90 degree angles are square or inharmonious. Planets directly across from each other are in opposition. Trine aspects find the planets at 120 degree angles and sextiles are at 60 degree angles. Both are harmonious. A conjuction is when planets are perfectly aligned.