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Moving to a new city is stressful enough without trying to figure out how to meet people. So many people find themselves sitting at home wondering what to do and where to do after the move has taken place. Well, it's pretty easy to figure out. First of all if the town has one, get the local alternative newsweekly and look through it. Look for booksignings at a local bookstore. Usually the author will give a short talk before they start signing books and you can meet the people sitting around the room easily enough as you're all there for the same purpose... to meet the author. Striking up a conversation is faily easy too, "Has she written any other books?" "Have you read them?" "Ever met her before?"

Second, everywhere you go... ask people for directions to other places and tell them you're new in town. Ask the grocery store clerk where the nearest gas station is or ATM machine or which bank is the best in town to bank with. Every person you ask these types of questions of will usually respond with "oh how long have you been here?" It gives you someone to come back to the next trip and have a more in-depth conversation.

Third, wear the biggest, brightest smile you can muster. I did this and had dinner and flowers bought for me on the spot... and all I was doing was standing on a bridge in Chicago wearing my widest smile, my face beaming because I was finally in a city I loved. A man approached me and said, "You've got the biggest smile I've ever seen on anyone's face. WHY are you so happy?"

Next, check into the art museum scene. Many art museums have singles nights or "after dark" nights for business people. There is usually a small fee to attend, some only $10.00 and there is a cash bar and free snacks. You can be surrounded by art and meet a lot of new friends by just observing different pieces and asking for other's opinions on them. Take your business card with you as they seem to be passed around a lot at these events.

Lastly, find a place to volunteer. Habitat for Humanity is a great place if you can handle a hammer and nails. If you can hang up a picture in your new place, then you'll do just fine. Usually a great group of people surround this charity. The work is hard, but worthwhile and you find some very down to earth folks volunteering their weekends to help people build their homes.

Whatever you choose to do, remember a new adventure and new friends await you everytime you step outside your home. So get out there!