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Marriages may be made in heaven but divorces are made on earth. That's why couples have to work at keeping their marriages alive on earth. If there is a  set of golden rules for couples to follow, then why is there marital conflict, domestic squabbles and every other kind of relationship problem? Truth is, there are no golden rules; only marriage myths. These myths actually wreck havoc on couples straining to comply with them. Erase your marriage woes by debunking the marriage myths.

Myth no. 1 : Marriages must be perfect.
Don't be upset if your marriage is less than perfect. There must be downs for there to be ups. The key is to work towards common goals and reaffirm strengths. Don't nit-pick on each other. Offer suggestions for change and on your part be prepared to accept constructive criticism.

Myth no. 2 : For better or for worse.
In present society, everyone is a social climber. Changing partners is a reality. Forced to evolve to live, some couples keep their vows if the financial side of marriage is for better and not for worse. Both halves have to share some burdens. If only one works for the dough, then share the common vision to keep the marriage going.

Myth no. 3 : Stagnant is stability.
Couples have the 7 year itch, 11 year itch and itches without warnings. This happens when they take each other for granted and there's less bonding. Drifting apart slowly, there'll come  a day when suddenly, one of the pair wakes up in bed alone.Always make efforts to re-connect. Go for holidays to relax and get away from the hum-drum of routine. Rediscover each other. Share thoughts, spirituality and common grounds. Bring your marriage to  a deeper level.

Myth no.4 : Make up in bed
Sex doesn't cement a marriage. It should not be used as a tool in a marriage. The morning after brings the same old problems and unhappiness. One of the partners will eventually wise up to the fact that a make up in bed does nothing to prevent  a break up in marriage. Good relationships make foundations for good marriages. Work on your marital relationship. Engage a marriage counselor if there is a deadlock.

Debunking these common marriage myths will help to revitalize and save your marriage from going to the rocks.