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Do you feel that something is amiss in your marriage? Or that your marriage has reached a stalemate? Its time to re-connect to get back the magic of your early relationship.

Show appreciation of each other. A marital stalemate happens when both parties take each other for granted. Get physical. Relive the excitement and romance of your courtship by holding hands, hugging, complimenting each other and setting time aside special quality time to be together. If you have kids, hire a baby-sitter for that romantic evening out.

Its time to confront those troubling issues.Discuss it calmly over a cuppa tea. Air your dissatisfactions but make suggestions on how to improve the relationship.For every action, there is reaction. Quit finger-pointing as this puts people on the defensive and unreceptive to whatever you say. A little tact can wonders.

If the table between  the two of you is too short a distance to prevent a shouting match, then get a counselor.The professional acts as a mediator and works ,to become instrumental in resolving marital conflict.In short, make love, not war.

Build a bridge over troubled waters. Communication or the lack of it is a major factor in marriage breakdowns. Practice effective listening by responding to each other's needs. All talk and no action makes a dull marriage. Be committed towards saving your troubled marriage. A little attention can work wonders.

De-stress before you step home. Discard your excess baggage of work stresses when you leave the office. Keep the sanctity and sanctuary of your home. You need to connect  to your partner and kids in the domestic scene. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Make daily re-unions pleasant times to come to.

Re-discover your marriage. Bring it to deeper level of love.The rewards last a life-time.