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The trend is for more and more people to shop without leaving their homes. More and more people order by mail or from their home telephones. You simply need your credit card or–in some cases–you pay when your products are delivered to your house. But here are some tips to successful ordering over the telephone and through the mail.

• You should get your order on time. By law, a company is required to ship your order by the time it advertises. If there isn't a time designated, it has one month to ship your order.
• Check your bill out thoroughly once it's received. If you see a mistake, you can go ahead and not pay for something that you did not order. Pay the remainder of the bill in a timely fashion and write a letter to the company telling them you won't pay for something you didn't order and that you expect them to correct the mistake.
• If you elect not to pay for a particular item because you didn't pay for it, you should also write to your credit card company and let them know of your intentions. Be sure to include the name of the company, along with its address and other contact information.
• If you aren't happy with the service or product you ordered, write a letter to the company, including the main principals.
• If you want to report the services of a particular company to an independent agency, you can contact your state consumer protection office, your state's secretary of state's office, your local Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, or local newspapers.