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Your heart pounds when the phone rings and you realize it is them, that special person in your life. Your palms get sweaty when you know they are at the door. Is it love, is it lust, or is it just hormones acting up? What is the difference? How can you tell?

Physically there isn't much difference between love and lust, unless a doctor somewhere has found a blood test to tell. You will still get that weak kneed, sweaty feeling either way. Your pulse will race, you will get tongue tied, and if you are 'lucky' you will still manage to step on their toes and drop ice cream in their laps.

Emotionally there is a difference. If it is lust, then the physical side of the relationship is going to be far more important than the emotional side. If you can't refrain from touching them, cuddling them, even when it is not appropriate, then it is probably lust. If you enjoy the touching, but know when to touch and when to just adore them with your eyes, then you are more than likely in love.

Are they your friend, or just your lover? If you are in love you will not be satisfied with a relationship that has only one or two facets you will want a well-rounded relationship, lover, friend, companion, and partner.

When you are in love you will recognize lust for the shallow emotion it is. Lust does have a place in a love relationship, but it should be the end result of the love, not the start of the love.

If you are sure it is love how can you be sure he or she is the best marriage partner for you? Consider the way they make you feel. Do they make you feel special? Do they help you when you need help? Can you do the same things for them? Marriage is a partnership, and if the give or take is all one sided it is not a marriage, it is two people who are working against each other, not for and with each other.